Property Tax Appeal Deadlines

Property Taxes 101

One of our most important rights as taxpayers in America is the right to protest our property taxes. Here’s a quick and easy outline of the important deadlines for Filing a Protest in Texas. 

April 30 

Early Protest Deadline for Homestead Properties. 

April 30th is also the last day for many property owners to file applications for exemptions with your county appraisal district. 

May 15 

Protest Deadline. If mailing in your protest form, it must be postmarked on or before midnight on May 15th. 

Late Protests 

Under specific situations, you may protest after May 15 when the deadline to file a protest has passed. A later protest deadline may apply if your appraisal district mails your notice of appraised value late. You will always have 30 days to respond with your protest. 

Weekends and Holidays 

It’s useful to note that when a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the property tax code designates the next regular business day as the functional deadline. 

Nov 16th 2020

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