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See how these Texas homeowners lowered their property taxes with Home Tax Shield.

Eric S. is a new Texas resident who previously protested his property taxes by himself. Not wanting to repeat the cumbersome process, Eric signed up for Home Tax Shield in 2020 and ended up saving more money with minimal effort.

Holly T. owns multiple properties throughout the Austin area and used Home Tax Shield to protest her property taxes. Her property tax savings surpassed her expectations and she will be using Home Tax Shield going forward.

Jamie A. is a homeowner and a real estate agent in San Antonio. Home Tax Shield has been very helpful for her to offer to clients, as it adds value to her relationships and creates an additional touch point.

Marcie B. is a Texas homeowner in Cibolo, TX who had never protested her property taxes before joining Home Tax Shield. See her describe her journey in her mission to pay fair property taxes.

John M. is a Austin homeowner who saved time and reduced stress by using Home Tax Shield to protest his property taxes. He had protested his property taxes in the past with mixed results. He was delighted with the amount of time it saved him and the savings he realized.

Feb 23rd 2021

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