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Becoming a Home Tax Shield partner comes with many benefits. Not only do we save your clients money on their property taxes, but we also provide partners with consistent engagement with their clients throughout the year. 

Home Tax Shield has dramatically grown since our inception in 2020 and we now represent thousands of homeowners across Texas. With almost half a million website visits in the last year alone, our aggressive growth strategy ensures that these numbers will continue to exponentially increase. Nearly 100,000 unique Texas homeowners have visited our website through our multiple integrated marketing channels.

Continuous Exposure

Every year Home Tax Shield puts our partners’ information in front of each homeowner 20+ times via web, email, and SMS messaging. The exposure starts immediately where each webpage in the homeowner signup process contains our partners’ brand and contact information. Once the homeowner signs up, our ongoing communications with homeowners about topics such as property tax deadlines, property tax information, protest status and results prominently display the partner’s information. This ensures that homeowners are reminded you are looking out for their homeownership experience. Home Tax Shield partners remain top of mind throughout the year and ensure their homeowner clients are paying a fair property tax.

Lead Generation

In 2021 our active partner pages averaged 415 unique visitors. In many instances, partners who shared their partner pages on social media were able to expand their influence beyond their immediate client base as people unknown to them signed up on their Home Tax Shield partner page. By sharing your Home Tax Shield partner page with your clients you can turn Home Tax Shield into a lead generation tool that helps you reach new clients while you serve your existing clients!

Earn Commissions in 2022

The Home Tax Shield partner program offers tremendous marketing value to our partners. And now with our 2022 partner promotion where qualifying partners can generate commissions or donations to a Texas housing nonprofit, there’s little reason not to sign up as a partner with Home Tax Shield. Create your partner page with just a few clicks at

Dec 6th 2021

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