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In 2020 Home Tax Shield launched an online property tax protest service with a mission to provide every homeowner in Texas with a fair property tax value. By merging advanced AI powered technology with local, experienced professionals, Home Tax Shield aims to help every homeowner ensure that their property taxes are fair and, in the process save money on their property taxes. By combining technology and experience, Home Tax Shield is able to automate some of the more laborious tasks of the property tax protest process while passing the savings onto our clients. 

92% of Texas homeowners do not get professional help with their property taxes every year. Our results show that protesting can save hundreds and thousands of dollars, resulting in a fair tax value for all Texas homeowners. 

Our results

Home Tax Shield is happy to share the 2020 property tax year-end results:

  • With an average reduction of $433 tax savings for 2020 property taxes were lowered for 87% of Home Tax Shield clients. 
  • The average tax saving per home over 5 years was $2,421. The average reduction in property taxes was 4.2%
  • 100% of our clients know that they received a fair tax value for 2020. 

Roadmap to 2021

In 2020 we operated in 8 major counties across Texas. Heading into 2021 we are expanding rapidly so homeowners across the rest of our great state can benefit from knowing they got a fair property tax value. Our 1-step signup process takes only 2-3 minutes and our industry-low fees ensure professional representation will be available to ALL Texas homeowners regardless of geography, economic status, or home value. Our systems and approach are tuned to ensure every Home Tax Shield client received a fair property value.

Reach out to us directly or on social media if we can help you with your property taxes in 2021! Sign Up Here!

Jan 14th 2021

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