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In 2021 Home Tax Shield continued on our mission to provide every Texas homeowner a fair property tax value. By leveraging AI-powered technology with local, experienced tax professionals, Home Tax Shield fought on behalf of homeowners to ensure their property taxes are fair and in the process reduced their property tax burden. Our technology and data teams continue to find innovative ways to deliver a premium property tax service at the best price point and we have some exciting things ahead. 

2021 saw a continuation of the strong sellers’ market in Texas residential real estate. According to the Texas A&M Housing Insight Report, the median home price rose 19.3% year over year in June 2021. With home values increasing so dramatically, county appraisal districts were not as open to reducing appraised values as they have been in the past. The strong sales data made it unusually difficult to achieve reductions in tax values. Despite these challenges, Home Tax Shield delivered tremendous value to our customers again this year and we are thrilled to share our stats:

  • Over $2 billion dollars of Texas real estate across 38 counties
  • Average value reduction per home = $15,459
  • Average tax savings per home = $322
  • Average reduction = 3.71%
  • 100% of our clients received a fair tax value for 2021

Our commitment to delivering fairness to Texas homeowners influences our approach to billing where we only charge homeowners a success fee if we reduce their tax bill after applying their exemptions. This means we often deliver big value reductions but don’t charge our customers. In fact, in 2021 Home Tax Shield delivered over $16 million in free reductions to our customers! By considering exemptions in our calculations, customers rest assured that Home Tax Shield has their best interests in mind. 

Roadmap to 2022

Heading into 2022 we will continue to expand so more homeowners across Texas can benefit from knowing they got a fair property tax value. Our frictionless sign-up process and industry-low fees ensure professional representation is available to ALL Texas homeowners regardless of geography, economic status, or home value.

Reach out to us directly on chat or on social media if we can help you with your property taxes in 2022! 

Oct 6th 2021

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