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Why Pay a Dollar More Than You Have to in

Property Taxes


Protesting is easy. Because we do it for you.

Don't Dread Your Tax Bill

You pay enough in government taxes. Don't give up more than you have to.

Opening your annual property tax bill is typically frustrating. It always seems too high, and most homeowners just pay it without realizing they can lower it. Home Tax Shield is a property tax platform that brings technology and experience to the valuation and protest process. Rest assured you aren't paying a dollar more than you should on your property taxes each year.

Sign up all of your properties in minutes.

Pay 40% less than you would with other providers.

Get peace of mind that a local expert is fighting for you.

Home Tax Shield delivers for Texas


Total Savings


Success Rate


1 Year Savings

Protesting Is Worth It.

Sometimes homeowners don't protest because they don't know they can. Others forget or don't know how. And then there are those who don't think a small reduction is worth their efforts.

Home Tax Shield works on your behalf to save you as much as possible on your property tax bill. All you have to do is give us a little information upfront. We do the rest. Every year. Guaranteed.

Every Bit of Savings Matters

Protesting delivers a 3-5% reduction on average. While that may not sound like much, any reduction this year means you start at a lower value next year.

It's compounding savings that adds up.


Texas homeowners are leaving money on the table


Unclaimed savings


Claimed savings


Average tax reduction

Source: 2015-2019 Operations Survey Data ( Estimates assume average property tax rate of 2.2% and the state average reduction of 5.2% due to data inconsistencies in underlying county data.

Home Tax Shield is Different

There are plenty of property tax companies that promise all kinds of savings. The truth is, tax reductions are fairly standard across the industry. So what sets Home Tax Shield apart?

We don't overpromise

No company can save you money every year. We don't promise savings just to get you in the door. But we do take your home through the entire protest process each year to make sure your tax valuation is fair.

We don't overcharge

Our pricing structure keeps more of the savings in your pocket, because that's the whole point. Our standard fees are 40% below industry average. Just a $15 annual fee + 30% of tax savings. That's it.

Our sign-up process is simple

Signup your property online in one simple step. In only 2-3 minutes, you're all done and we represent you for as long as you own the property. Sign up and forget it.

We use sophisticated technology

We put the power of data science and artificial intelligence into the hands of our local, experienced tax professionals who represent you at your hearing each year. We give you online access to your properties, protest status and results.

Thinking of doing it yourself?

Stop overpaying your property taxes. Trust Home Tax Shield to help you keep more of your own money.

One-Step Signup | $15 + 30% | Safe & Secure

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