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Property taxes are complicated, Home Tax Shield makes them simple - view our commonly asked questions. If you have an unanswerd question, contact us!

Wait, I protested so why did my mortgage payment still go up?

What makes Home Tax Shield different?

Can you help me pay less property tax than last year?

What is the “Sales” method of valuation?

What does “Equity” mean?

Home Tax Shield didn’t reduce my tax bill. Can I get a refund for the membership fee?

When will I hear the results?

When are success fees billed?

Why is my neighbor’s home valued lower than mine?

Do you represent me at my hearing?

How do I cancel?

What does Home Tax Shield do?

How does Home Tax Shield work?

How much can I save?

How much does Home Tax Shield cost?

Should I just accept the county’s value for my property?

Can I buy a Home Tax Shield report and protest my property taxes myself?

What do I need to do after I sign up?

Where do I login to my Home Tax Shield account?

Do I have to sign up for Home Tax Shield again next year?

Why do I pay property taxes?

If Home Tax Shield reduces my property taxes, does it hurt my local service providers?

How are property taxes calculated?

Why do property taxes go up every year?

How can I lower my property taxes?

When are property taxes due?

If Home Tax Shield lowers my property taxes, will it lower the value of my home?

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