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Fact #1: No homeowner wants to pay a dollar more than they have to in property taxes.

Fact #2: Many homeowners don't know they can lower their property taxes or don't know how.

Fact #3: All homeowners love working with a business that has their best interest at heart.

As a Home Tax Shield partner, you show commitment to clients' financial wellbeing by helping them relax when they open their property tax bill. Clients see you as their real estate hero, stay loyal and recommend your services to others. And with no fees to become a partner, it's all upside for you!


can be a Home Tax Shield Partner?

Any professional who serves homeowners with excellence and passion are ideal Home Tax Shield Partners. Many of our Partners are:

Real Estate Agents

Property Managers

Mortgage Lenders

Insurance Agents





Tax Agents


you gain by signing up...

Save Clients Money

Give your clients a discount on Home Tax Shield fees and help them save money on their annual property tax bill.

Stay Top of Mind

Leverage Home Tax Shield's automated marketing and shareable content to stay top of mind in between transactions.

Build Lasting Trust

Remain a trusted resource throughout your clients' homeownership experience.

Grow Referrals & Leads

Expand your network when your clients refer their friends and neighbors to your personalized Home Tax Shield page.

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Create a partner profile and in 1-2 minutes you'll have a personalized partner page!

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Share your partner page with clients and prospects across the web, email and social media.

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Grow your trusted relationships by helping clients save money throughout their homeownership experience.

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